I almost killed our dog.

I was so upset with my husband this morning, that I told him to go to work and he didn’t have to come back.

I told him I was going to move the air conditioner out of the one window in our bedroom and put it in the other.

He told me that was work that didn’t need to be done. I wanted to have the sun shining in that window. With the AC unit there, I wasn’t getting full sun. I wanted it in the window that faced to the North. I couldn’t believe that he actually told me I could not do it. He wasn’t out of the house ten minutes until I decided I was going to move the air conditioner. I was going to show him who could and who couldn’t move the air conditioner. I walked over the air conditioner and I slid the window up far enough that I could get my fingers on it. I pulled gently as I slid the window up a little more. I wasn’t thinking about how there was more sticking outside the window than what I had inside the room. I tried to keep a hold on the air conditioner, but it wasn’t working. The air conditioner slowly slid out the window and it crashed on the ground. I saw and heard my dog yelp as he ran up on the porch. The dog was okay, but the air conditioner was in pieces strewn all the way out into the yard. I didn’t think I was going to be able to tell my husband that this was an accident.