Honey bees should be rescued

For a college project, I was supposed to choose an creature or insect that was endangered, however i decided to choose the honey bees, then other classmates found our topic to be boring, but without the honey bees, both of us would have a lot of problems.

For our project, I needed experience, and so, I went to an actual beekeeping and honey site, then my parents drove myself and others there and it was quite interesting seeing all of the bees fly around, there were so various of them! The beekeeper was very nice and pointed everything out, and how the colonies work, but he also explained to myself and others why bee rescue and bee removal to honey farms is very crucial to protect and save the bees.

I soaked all of this information up like a sponge, and I knew our project was going to come out great. The beekeeper was nice enough to give myself and others and our parents a free honey sample, as being a honey farm with many honey hives, they often sold honey for sale. I took all of this knowledge back with me, and I made a Powerpoint on the importance of preserving our bees! I offered facts about how if both of us don’t protect bees, they could abruptly become instinct and both of us would lose most of our plants, which would have a mass killing of all kinds of different creatures, and our ecosystem would be far beyond repair. The two of us would also have large food loss just like the creatures and both of us would suffer. Then at the end I went into detail about how honey bees aren’t the only ones needing saving, both of us need to focus more on bumble bee help and other species of bee that aren’t focused on as much. My project was a success and I got a 100.
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