He was a natural when it came to doing repairs.

My mother took my brother to the doctor when he was younger.

  • He would sit in the house and be lost in his own little world.

She thought he was having some type of seizure, but the doctor said that wasn’t the case. He was a daydreamer and able to block out everything around home when he was enjoying his daydream. One afternoon I approached him and asked what he was thinking about. He said he was thinking about how he wanted to be a mechanic when he grew up. He loved watching our dad when he was working on cars and he had a natural ability for it. If dad asked him to help with something, he was able to figure it out. It should have surprised me when the HVAC technician came to the house to do the servicing that my brother headed outside to talk to him. The HVAC tech seemed more than happy to discuss the air conditioning unit with my brother. He was showing him the parts and allowing him to do some of the work. He said it was simple once you knew what you were doing. When my mom began complaining about something a couple months later, he went out to the air conditioner and began working on it. It didn’t take him long to realize the problem and repair it. I think that’s the day he knew he wanted to be an HVAC technician. It’s hard to believe a twelve year old found his calling, but fifteen years later, he was a professional HVAC technician and loving his choice.


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