Grounded all summer; learned about HVAC

When I was growing up my parents were extremely strict.

I did not come from one of these households where children were treated like little adults.

We were not shown any respect or consideration when we were children. It was my parents way or the highway, take it or leave it. This is why I wound up getting into trouble a lot and finding myself grounded. No matter what I did, it seemed like I was doomed to spend weeks in my bedroom learning my lesson. Clearly, that never worked because I have no idea what I ever was getting into trouble for. However, I do remember spending hours learning a different lesson… I learned all about central heating, cooling, and air quality control systems. You see, when I was locked away in my room there was no entertainment except for an old dusty bookshelf. On that bookshelf I found several heating, cooling, and ventilation control text books from my uncle’s tenure at the local HVAC certification school. He was a licensed heating and cooling specialist for my entire life and he was not using his HVAC repair books anymore. So, I started using the HVAC installation and maintenance books. I had nothing else to do, so I would often pour over the information on advanced air temperature control systems, air conditioning units, and forced air furnaces. By the time I was released from my grounding each time I knew several new HVAC installations and troubleshooting facts. Big surprise, thanks to all of my accidental heating and cooling education I wound up in the HVAC industry.
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