Got lucky when I married my wife, the trainer

For my entire life I was what you would consider “chubby.” I wasn’t exactly overweight, but there was a solid layer of fat lingering over every surface of my body.

I never quite figured out how I could torch this fat through traditional exercising or trips to the gym.

It seemed like the fitness classes and weight lifting activities that my peers engaged in were a lot more effective for them than they ever were for me. I could never get rid of my baby fat or tone my body to the muscular fitness level that I was hoping to obtain. Then, one day I met a pretty girl at the gym. It turns out, she was studying to be a personal trainer and she offered several free health and fitness courses online. I quickly enrolled in her courses and felt my body begin to change for the better. Eventually we formed a real friendship, and she was extremely helpful with my health and fitness goals through every step of my personalized nutrition and fitness planning. Somehow, I wound up dating this amazingly beautiful and physically fit woman. Years later, I’m happy to report that we are married and operate our own health and wellness center. After she showed me how to personalize my nutrition and workout plans, I knew that I had to assist other chubby kids with their fitness goals. When we started our health and wellness center, I knew that we were on the right track. Now, we’re the most popular body wellness center in the city and we couldn’t be prouder of all the physical training services we can provide.


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