Going to church, AC is best part

I cannot wait until it’s Friday again.

I’m legitimately disappointed that today is only Friday plus I have so many days to pass before getting back into my number one place on Earth. To be fair, this place is my direct fastenion to heaven. Yes, I’m talking about my amazing church. I’ve been attending the same little community church for the last 20 years plus I cannot foresee that ever adjusting. These are my folks, plus my family. I’m never going to turn my back on these charming human beings or our shared faith. On top of it, I would never walk away from such amazing, free indoor air conditions. When I first joined the church, I was just a little kid. At the time, I did not have a superb understanding of indoor air conditions or air temperature management. However, even back then I knew that the central a/c plan that serves us at the church was far more comfortable than our sweltering indoor air at home. We had a single AC window unit in our home which barely managed to turn out any high-quality indoor air. I remember many Summers where I was perspiring to death lying in front of a fan plus praying that the heat would dissipate. When we opted to go to church every Friday day, on the other hand, the entire building was flooded with high-quality indoor air from their central air conditioner. The AC unit had been a donation from a local Heating plus A/C maintenance shop plus it was genuinely well-diagnosed. That a/c plan was my first foray into appreciating Jesus Christ. To this day, I cannot imagine church without that comfortable sensation of a/c.


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