Going south for the winter

It can get really cold back here in the north when winter rolls around.

This is why I own 2 houses.

1 here which is my main home, and then I have a house in the south where it is a little warmer to go to in the winter. I made this investment when I retired. Before I did this I used to have really high electric bills in the winter from having to overwork my central heating system. Heating is something we need wherever we are in the winter months of the year. In my home that I have in the south, I still have to use my central heating system but not as much. I always leave this house in the summer because the heat is really bad here. I did stay one time and ended up having to crank my central air conditioning system all the time which resulted in high electric bills. It’s a bit of a hassle having to bounce back and forth between the north and the south just to save money on heating and air conditioning. However, the reason I do is because I need to live in the north due to some family that I have here that may need me. If that wasn’t the case, I would probably just move to an area to where I would not have to crank my central heating or my central air conditioning all year round! But for now, going south for the winter and then returning to the north for the summer is the best thing I could possibly do.

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