Fully furnished home will make trip possible

I grew up in the north east.

  • I loved the cool summers there and the pretty fall leaves.

However I did not love the cold winters and the endless snow and cold. That is why I moved out to the west coast when I was old enough and I never looked back. Well, that is not exactly true. On hot summer days I do look back and pine for the cooler summers on the other coast. I also miss the summer festivals and my family. When my dad asked me to visit and bring the grandkids I balked for a few years. I just didn’t see how it was possible. My dad lives in a retirement home. Plus the flight is so long. I didn’t want to fly in for a week and then fly back. Then I discovered temporary houses with monthly leasing options. The kids and I could spend our entire summer break out on the east coast. The more I looked into it the better that sounded. Especially when I found a fully furnished rental right on the coast. It was only 5 miles from my dad’s place and the town I grew up in. Then I found out that the furnished home had absolutely everything we would need to live comfortably for a few months. I would even be able to cook because the kitchen is fully furnished too. All I would need to pack is our clothes. Of course I would need to buy groceries but I have to do that at home anyway. It looks like this trip is doable. I can’t wait for my kids to meet their grandfather.


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