Free ice cream for a year

I like ice cream and because of this I am always going to the local ice cream shop to have desert after dinner at work.

  • Well, the last time I was there they had a major chop down of their central heating and cooling system.

It was absolutely hot out and they needed their cooling system laboring. Because I absolutely like this site I provided my help. I am a certified heating and cooling system specialist at the local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation, so I knew exactly what to do with the cooling system to make it labor once again after I looked at the heating and cooling unit. It took about a half an hour and I was able to get the cooling system back up and running again. I was not even going to charge them for the service. They were so ecstatic and enjoyed what I did that they provided myself and others a special gift card that allowed myself and others to have free ice cream and anything else I wanted in the shop for a whole year! I could not know they went that far! Because I like my ice cream so much I was not going to question it or turn it down. After all, heating and cooling system service is not cheap so I know all that free ice cream will make up for it. I was ecstatic to be of some help to the ice cream shop, because enjoyable cooling system is what keeps it fresh and yummy!


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