Finding piece of mind at the beach house

Without quiet and some peace, there is no way I can approach any sort of balance in my life.

This is just how it’s always been and I have come to accept that. Most of my adult life has been consumed by a very stressful career that takes a ton of energy. Most of the time, I just kept pushing. My only respite was coming home and putting my feet up in the HVAC for a half hour. That is just simply not a stable solution for a balanced life. And, my daily routine eventually took its toll on my health and well being. But, the solution was right there all along and I just wasn’t taking advantage of it. My family has had a beach house right on the beach for generations. It is a location where I have wonderful childhood memories. However, once I started a new job, there was just no time for that spot. That has changed. Now, I get away to the beach house whenever I can. Going from the HVAC comfort of my office to the HVAC comfort of my house was not enough. The beach home offers me a great deal of peace and positivity. In an effort to get the rest of my family up there more, I recently installed a ductless HVAC system. It is perfect really. It’s unobtrusive as it sits high on a wall. But, it does an incredible job of heating and cooling the whole beach house. Now that there is some HVAC at the beach house, my family has been more eager to join me. They loved the beach house however didn’t like the primitive heating and zero cooling.


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