Expensive HVAC purchase

I thought that heading over to see him would be a short endeavor.

Ever since I was a little child I have been a sucker for good deals! While this little vice of mine never landed me in much trouble when I was still little since I didn’t have much money to lose, now that I am getting older it would be fair to say that it is becoming a bit of a problem. While my wife is always trying to save money, she keeps trying to prevent me from buying a whole bunch of expensive good deals. It hasn’t been very effective. Just the other day while I was out running errands I thought I should go and check up on my friend, I instead ended up making a very costly, last minute purchase. My best friend Erik works as a certified HVAC repair specialist down at the local heating and A/C dealer. After nearly a month of being out of commission from getting hurt while at work he was finally back. I thought that heading over to see him would be a short endeavor. However, as we continued to talk Erik mentioned to me that they had recently gotten a brand new shipment of HVAC units that he thought I should check out. The new HVAC system was in perfect condition, and after seeing all of the cool features that this HVAC system came with I just had to get it. As you might expect my wife was less than pleased when I brought the new HVAC unit to be installed home. She is still trying to get me to return it, however after it is installed and she sees how much of an update it is I am hoping she will finally realize how great of a deal it actually is and let it go.



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