Doing what my parents do

From the time that I can remember, our parents have constantly had an air purification method installed in their house, however the whole time that I was growing up, both of us always had actually fantastic indoor air pollen levels, however it is entirely because our Dad and I suffered from seasonal dust sensitivities that they first decided to install the whole apartment air purification method to start off with.

  • Back in those days when I was a kid, both of us were the only family that I assume that had a whole apartment air cleaner.

The people I was with and I actually had a actually fantastic Heating and Air Conditioning system all the way around. In those afternoons, not several people in the neighborhood where both of us lived even had central air conditioning at all, much less a high efficiency coupled with a whole apartment air cleaner. I can still recall going over to our friend’s apartment and they never had any air conditioning in their apartment at all. It was constantly a legitimately different feeling being at her apartment than being at mine, that’s for sure! Her apartment was always extremely warm in the summertime and I remember thinking while I was there that I just wanted to go back home. I assume I never actually loved the indoor air pollen levels in our apartment unless I happened to be anywhere else for the night or over the weekend. These afternoons, not only do our mom and dad still have a whole apartment air cleaner, but I have one in our apartment also. I love the way it runs in tandem with our existing heating and cooling method to help keep the indoor air pollen levels in our apartment as fantastic as it can be.


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