Documentary about indoor air quality

My roommate loves to watch documentaries.

She is always watching crazy documentaries about the strangest things.

Last week when I got home from work, I saw my roommate laying on the couch watching a documentary about indoor air quality. The documentary was explaining how airborne toxins travel through the air and can cause major health problems in the future. She also learned the diseases can travel through the air ducts and into the air at restaurants and stores. I thought all of this was common sense, but I guess my roommate was learning all of it for the first time. So of course after watching the documentary about indoor air quality, she was convinced that we needed to have an air purification system installed with our current heating and cooling system. I tried to remind her that we were renting our apartment so it didn’t make any sense to invest that kind of money into the HVAC system. However, she wouldn’t listen to me at all about the air purification system and decided to call a local HVAC company so she could get a quote for the air purification system. I told her I was all for her paying for the air purification system, but I wasn’t going to be giving her any money because I didn’t think it was worth it because our lease was up in four months. I don’t think she is going to listen to me, but I’ll let her do whatever she wants if she is going to be paying for it.

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