County encourage switching all olds units for new ones with better seer ratings

When our new county director first took office, he had to take over a long-standing battle between the local residents plus Heating and A/C businesses; The locals have been accusing the dealers of introducing new Heating and A/C products for sale that have better seer ratings however selling them at double the price of the new Heating and A/C technology, and it did not seem a serious issue at first however when more plus more heating plus cooling equipment broke down, Heating and A/C maintenance demands went up with most businesss recommending a updatement of old systems with new ones, to drive sales up! Before the county head could bring the matter to an amicable end, most residents started shopping for Heating and A/C products for sale such as an whole-house air purifier, outside the county. This system was welcomed by most dealers who gave subsidized transport plus Heating and A/C replacement rates for any supplies coming in, then however, this changed weeks later after the county officials issued a gazetted memo encouraging the dealers to sell, repair, plus maintain all central air conditioning at subsidized rates gave by the county office, and at first, the move was shunned by the traders claiming their products would drop plus they would lose the gains made through their air conditioner repair plans however they soon found a regular ground… With that directive, most residents who expected to update their systems were able to get a quality air conditioner for their homes plus offices plus company was back to usual. I haven’t been through so much drama that directly affected multiple people however the nature of the standoff made myself and others want to learn more about Heating and A/C plus its impact on homesteads plus business.

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