Baking up a storm is so much better with familiar cooling

Home baking has become our blazing passion.

Ever since I tried to make our own brownies, I never stopped working on baked goods.

I taught myself by trying out a lot of recipes online. I saw our mistakes more like learning experiences. As a result, I wound up making baked goods each year for our neighborhood plus our best friend. I made it our own tradition during the holidays. Early Last February, I was asked by our local church to bake many cakes plus many dozens of our famously big plus nutty chocolate chip cookies. They paid myself and others in advance so I could acquire the ingredients. All I needed was a familiar arena because our home office was not near big enough. My friend provided myself and others access to the soup home office that was free for a couple of afternoons that week. I grabbed the opportunity. Immediately, I purchased the ingredients plus brought them into the soup home office. My friend went to the basement plus turned on the ventilation plus the air conditioning. She told me he needed to call in his Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor to look at the system because it sounded bizarre when he turned it up. Half an hour later, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair man arrived plus started undoubtedly working hard on the system. I told our friend that I needed the air conditioning up because I would be using two or 3 ovens at the same time. It didn’t take long before the air conditioning blasted cool air into the space. I churned the big cookies first that night plus then continued the next day. The cakes came out last. I packed the cooled cookies in narrow bags plus localed them in a box. Two afternoons after the church’s celebration, they requested 4 more batches of the cookies. I said sure.


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