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My resourceful brother and ac

Sometimes I’m really happy that I have big brothers. Don’t get me wrong, oftentimes they are a total pain in my ass and I wish that I was just an only child. I can get very upset trying to deal with all of their toxic masculinity and idiotic antics. Other times, I feel like I […]

Huge issue with my HVAC energy bills

This past year I was actually so busy because of all of my crazy life circumstances as well as taxing days at work so I made the decision to take a break. For the first time ever, I treated myself to a nice vacation on a far away beach. I actually was so thrilled about […]

A nightmare waiting back at home for me

The other year I found myself so tied up with all of my life circumstances and hard days at work that I chose to cut and run. For the first time ever, I treated myself to a lone getaway on a distant beach. I was so pleased about the idea of resting in warm, continual […]

Trying to save money on my winter heating bills

It’s honestly part of the landscape and a part of this region’s weather. Winter season is really cold and long. This is something I had to really think about when I was offered a promotion. It has absolutely been a strenuous transition to say the least. I basically feel like I have the Heating, Ventilation, […]