An attempt to make my partner guess better

I am really entirely blessed that I have a job working from house during this pandemic, but unfortunately, my partner had to lose her job temporarily because it wasn’t considered essential by the government. She isn’t sure if they are going to ever be back in business, especially since the reopening of our state has been pushed back for another month. She has been genuinely depressed about not being able to go out to sites. She typically loved going out shopping, hanging out with friends, and going to see with family. The two of us typically used to go out on dinner dates as well, and the two of us genuinely miss being able to do that. There is this a single diner in certain that the two of us typically loved that has a genuinely nice weather conditions control system with a powerful UV air cleaner… You would know with that UV air cleaner, they would be able to have dine-in for the people. The UV air cleaner works to kill harmful bacteria and viruses afterall… Well, the best the two of us can do is occasion up food to go from the diners. I decided I wanted to try to make my partner cheerful, so I set up a table with candles in front of our fireplace. I had a fire going in the fireplace, got her number one dish from our number one diner and lit the candles. I even managed to find the same tunes they often play in the diner, some unbelievable dinner tunes. For this moment, the two of us were able to pretend that the two of us were enjoying a night out at our number one diner.

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