A enjoyable Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system is necessary if you run a wood shop

My brother Ken & I run a wood shop & the two of us have been for the past numerous years.

We definitely like laboring with wood & carving & building things from scratch, our Grandfather & our dad taught us all about carving back when the two of us were little adolescents & the two of us still like it to this day. We decided that while I was in the shutdowns, the two of us would try & open up a company doing what the two of us loved, since the two of us couldn’t go to our proper tasks. It turns out that there was a sizable market out there for our custom made furniture. We have been so stressed that the two of us have decided to make this our full time task & so the two of us needed to open up a wood shop. One thing that the two of us have l received by laboring with wood regularly is the need to keep the indoor air pollen levels at a steady temperature & level. We can’t have too much humidity, & the heating & the cooling have to be at exactly the right temperature if you don’t want your wood to get warped or messed up. When the two of us first opened up, the two of us didn’t guess that, & the two of us had a crappy seasoned heating & cooling system. After laboring there for a few weeks, the two of us realized that the two of us were absolutely going to have a problem if the two of us didn’t upgrade our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. That’s when the two of us decided to call a local commercial heating & cooling company to find out how much it would cost for us to upgrade the heating & cooling system in the shop. We also put in an air purification system so that the two of us could breathe more clearly with all of the sawdust floating around in the air.


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