Two in one

I thought I knew everything about the HVAC technology out there today.

Well, I was totally wrong on that thought.

I found out about a very expensive central heating and air conditioning system that works as 2 HVAC systems in one in a way. And it is called heating and cooling zone control. With heating and air conditioning zone control, you can control the temperatures in different rooms throughout the house with different thermostats. It is like having 2 different central heating and cooling systems but all in one. This is a form of HVAC technology I totally was blown away by. It could be the answer to so many issues in homes with uneven temperatures due to the way a home is built. However, the only drawback to this is the price of the HVAC zone control unit. It is very expensive and not many people have these type of central heating and air conditioning system units at this point in time because of that factor. But you never know, within time these HVAC zone control central heat and air conditioning units could go down in price and make it so that the common working person can afford them. After all, the basic central heating and air conditioning systems also started out this way a long time ago. And now days, all basic central heating and air conditioning systems are easily available in most people’s homes and they are affordable through either payment plans or people being able to save up for them and buy them. I hope to get a taste of HVAC zone control someday.


HVAC technology