Pay attention to the air conditioner even during the winter

I would presume that anyone who has ever lived in the north is familiar with the effects of snow and ice.

Just the amount of time and money poured into the management of that frozen stuff is considerable.

Winter up north is not all sitting inside the HVAC and sipping cocoa. I can assure you of that. I have so many tools, bags of ice melt and even a snow blower to deal with all of it. With all of this focus on snow and ice, there is an element of the HVAC system that tends to go unnoticed. I’m talking about the HVAC cooling component. It’s the HVAC cabinet that sits outside the house year round. Well, it needs some consideration too. It’s easy to forget about that piece of HVAC equipment as it isn’t in use. But, that would be a mistake because it is actually a fairly delicate component. There are parts in the HVAC compressor cabinet that should be protected once winter hits. I know that as soon as the autumn weather starts turning cold, I reach out to the HVAC people. They come out to inspect, service and maintain the furnace. This way, I go into the winter months with some assurance that I can keep my family warm. However, this time of year is also the heads up I need to protect the HVAC compressor cabinet. It’s really easy. All I have to do is slip a hard plastic cover over the HVAC cabinet and it is protected from the weight of snow and ice.
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