You need to be aware of your indoor air quality.

I never thought I would be spending the last ten months sitting in my house. I’m not allowed to go outside and gather with friends, and I’m not allowed to have my friends gather in my house. I am not the type of person who likes being alone, but I don’t want to catch the virus either. I wanted someone in my life who could come to my house and stay here. Traditional dating was out of the picture since you can’t go to parties and bars. I decided to try the online dating route. I must admit that getting amorous online is quite strange. It is hard to be romantic when you can’t be sure you’re talking to the same person whose picture you are looking at. The few girls I did feel comfortable with, wouldn’t even stay at my house long enough to get to know her. It wasn’t until my second in-house date showed up that I knew I had a problem. She was honest enough to tell me that my house smelled horrible and I figured out that I had an air quality problem. I guess sitting in the house by myself didn’t really give me much need to take notice of my air quality, but it was a deterrent when you wanted to find someone to share your life with. I called the HVAC company to have them come in and check out my HVAC equipment and also to clean the air vents and ductwork. I have only one thing to say to everyone out there who is looking to date in this time of the pandemic. Be aware of your air quality and make sure the HVAC system is up to snuff.

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