We’re giving it a try, too

I heard of a smart temperature control online sometime back, & I’ll be honest that even then I thought it was undoubtedly interesting. It was interesting enough to think about for a moment, but I wasn’t interested in buying it just yet. It wasn’t until one by one, all of our nearest friends also started getting smart temperature controls, it started becoming a massive trend with our friends & family, which I found a little odd because upgraded Heating & Air Conditioning technology becoming a trend in our family was kind of the very last thing I expected, regardless, I asked all of our friend’s their opinions on what they all happen to think of their smart temperature controls, & I got mixed results. Of our 10 friends & family members, 5 said it worked wonderful & the other 5 just said it was okay. I listened to their pros & cons of it, & there were a lot more pros than cons from everyone… it impacted all of our friends & family in a positive way, for the most part. I decided to go ahead & buy one myself for the family. There was a Heating & Air Conditioning shop close to me, only a few blocks down, so I decided to go & buy one from there. I’m ecstatic I did, because at that point while the Heating & Air Conditioning business had lots of air conditioners & heaters, they honestly only had one smart temperature control left! I am supposed to have the thermostat installed later today, & I can’t wait to see what it can do myself.
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