Way out of my element

A couple of days ago I ended up agreeing to go on a camping trip with my girlfriend’s dad and brother.

My girlfriend was planning to come with us but ended up catching the flu the day before we were set to leave, and in the hopes of not being rude and possibly growing my relationship with her family I still decided to come along.

While going into this camping trip I was actually quite excited considering I had never been on a camping trip having lived in the city my entire life, however after only a few hours I quickly started to realize that this type of activity isn’t something I am cut out for. One of the worst parts about the trip was not having any access to air conditioning. For the three days that we were out camping we would head out on long hikes only to come back to the tents with no air conditioning to be found. By the time the last day came I was so excited to get back to civilization that I was hardly able to sleep that night. Despite how miserable I was during the trip I was able to keep a smile on my face so I didn’t seem like a poor sport to my girlfriends family which I think they appreciated. I really do love my girlfriends family and I’m thankful to them for teaching me more about the outdoors, but next time there is a planned camping trip and it doesn’t involve an RV with A/C and showers, then you can count me out!



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