Was he really drinking that much?

I don’t think I had ever come across the situation I had a week ago.

I had called our regular HVAC company to have the outdoor air conditioning unit serviced.

I don’t normally judge people, but I know that some people get into worse states than others. I try to help them out if there is a problem. There wasn’t anything I could do on this day. I had called the HVAC company and asked them to come out and service the air conditioning unit. I was surprised when they told me my regular HVAC technician had arrived. I didn’t question who they were going to send, because I had worked with this HVAC company for quite some time now. Right on time, the HVAC service van pulled up in front of my house, the following day. It took him a bit of time to get out of the van, so I was curious if he was okay. When he came up to the door, I knew there was something amiss. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol. I showed him where the air conditioning unit was. As he carried his tools out back, I called the HVAC company to tell them what was going on. I kept the HVAC technician talking while waiting for the new HVAC tech to arrive. They were sending someone out to drive the van back, along with our tipsy HVAC tech. I looked out back to check on him and he was leaning up against the wall, snoring away. I didn’t have to worry about him screwing up my air conditioner.


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