There was mold in the ductwork.

I know that I am high maintenance and I have never denied it.

I have reasons to be high maintenance. I have asthma and allergies. For these reasons, I want to make sure that everything that surrounds me is perfect. I only have natural products and materials. I make sure my HVAC system is running perfectly and my air quality must be pristine. I expect my thermostat to work well and be able to control the temperature in my home. I feel no compunction in replacing a part of the HVAC system if it isn’t functioning well. I don’t understand replacing parts in the furnace or AC unit when it is just the beginning of other parts failing. My air quality is only as perfect as the machinery that is maintaining it. So, when my allergies and asthma began rearing their ugly heads again, I knew I had a problem. I called the HVAC company to have a complete inspection done on my HVAC system. They were going to check the heating, air conditioning, and the ductwork. I wanted to have the problem in the system stopped before it could get any worse. I was surprised when the HVAC technician arrived the following day. It only took him a matter of minutes to discover what was wrong. He found that the ductwork was full of mold. Every time the furnace or air conditioning turned on, the air flowing through the ductwork and out the air vents was contaminated with mold. The following day I had a professional ductwork cleaning team coming into the house. They cleaned and sanitized the ductwork, causing me to feel better almost instantly.

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