Sunroom has been closed off and added to central AC

When my husband said that he wanted to move into this house because of the sunroom I thought that was rather silly.

I understand that the large, semi outdoor space was extremely attractive when we viewed the home.

It had been decorated very nicely and staged to look as if people were using the sunroom for relaxing with their morning coffee. I think that this put ideas in my husband’s head that were extremely unrealistic for real life. For instance, the sunroom looks beautiful… But it doesn’t always feel so wonderful. In fact, the outdoor air regularly seeps into the sunroom and makes it extremely hot or extremely cold. When the sun is pounding into the contained to space, the indoor air heats up to an intolerable degree. Then, it gets extremely humid to the point that all of the windows fog up with moisture. I knew that we were going to need some kind of indoor air handling device revolution for our sun room to ever be usable. That’s when my husband and I decided to seal off the sunroom to contain the indoor air better. We additionally called out our professional heating, cooling, and air quality control technician to inquire about central heating and cooling upgrade. We were able to extend our central heating, cooling, and air quality control System all the way to the sunroom. Finally, we have indoor air temperature control that allows us to utilize the prized space. I’m happy to report that we actually drink our coffee in the extremely comfortable sunroom these days. Hope you’re happy, honey.
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