Slash high HVAC costs this winter

It’s just part of the landscape and a part of this region’s weather.

Winter is cold and long.

This is something I had to consider when I was offered a promotion. It has certainly been a difficult transition to say the least. I feel like I have the HVAC furnace running all the time in order to keep me at all warm. I am from a different part of the country. Where I came from we had four very distinct seasons. It was like none of them were all that harsh. Living here has shown me just how different this sort of winter really is. I just never seem to be very warm and the HVAC heating costs were so high. It was not a sustainable situation in any way. I think this was because of two important factors. The first is rather easy to figure out. I ran the HVAC at a setting that was far too high for anyone living in this area. But, I think that had so much to do with the fact that I was attempting to acclimate to the cold and not lose my mind. This sort of cold was just so jarring and much tougher to deal with than I thought. The second reason is something else I plan to change. I didn’t spend any effort to be sure that my house was sealed up and ready for the winter. I changed that this fall by making sure I rectified that situation. New storm doors, new weather stripping, more insulation and sealing up any gaps in the exterior should help. I think this winter will be much better.


Cooling technician