Roof damage while out of town – energy bills!

Last year I found myself so stressed out by all of my life circumstances and difficult days at work that I decided to cut and run.

For the first time ever, I treated myself to a lone vacation on a distant beach.

I was so excited about the idea of sitting in warm, continual sun and listening to the sound of the ocean pounding against the shore. I actually couldn’t wait to arrive at my tropical destination and say goodbye to the woes of winter back home. When I left my house, however, I was sure to keep the thermostat set to a low operating level. When you live in a frosty winter climate, you need to make sure that your indoor air never gets so cold that your pipes can freeze. This is why I kept my thermostat running even when the house was empty. I definitely did not want to come back to a homeowner disaster when my pipes burst and flooded the place because of the cold temperatures outdoors. Unfortunately, I did not foresee a massive storm blowing through the area and blowing over one of my trees. When I arrived back home I was shocked to see a massive branch sticking out of my roof. The lim was essentially puncturing my roof and attic floor, so it stuck into the ceiling of my second floor. Unfortunately, because the thermostat had been trying to keep up with the central heating, cooling, and air quality control settings that I left it on, the HVAC program had been running non-stop for a solid week. When I received my energy bill in the mail, I was more stressed out than before I left for vacation.

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