Not sure why my cousin thought having a wedding in the winter was a good plan

A lot of the time I wonder why people make the choice to have weddings at all.

If you ask me, the entire ordeal is fully unnecessary if you are getting married for the correct reasons.

If you undoubtedly cannot wait to spend your entire life with somebody, why do you need an immense get-together to celebrate your partnership? Isn’t it wonderful enough that you have found each other as well as settled on a lifelong agreement together? It seems basically like you would be better off saving your money as well as investing in your future life, rather than blowing it on an open bar as well as catered food that nobody really enjoys… That’s my opinion, anyways. To be easily fair, I also don’t enjoy weddings… Including the one that I attended last week. I already had the belief that it was a bad move to have a wedding in general, but holding it in the cold season was an interesting choice. The rapidly changing temperatures in this space are nothing short of frigid throughout the entire long wintertime season. Choosing to have an immense celebration with formal dresses when it’s below freezing did not make any sense to me. However, my cousin said that she was getting married no matter what the weather conditions happened to be. I recognize she had no idea at all that the indoor air temperature would abruptly match the outdoor air temperature when the heating machine broke down in her chosen venue. On the day of the ceremony the massive commercial heating machine evidently took a turn for the worst. As the guests were filing into the banquet hall, the indoor air temperature dropped suddenly. Every one of us wound up shivering in our seats, wearing our Wintertime coats, as well as trying to shield ourselves from the bitter Cold drafts for several hours! What an ice cold start to the marriage of those two.
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