Mini split HVAC technology compliments our renovations

It appears that what was once a sleepy little community is now turning into a pretty big town.

It’s due to the fact that this area has become very popular due to the metro area only an hour away.

Many are choosing to live right here and deal with the commute. I think that working from home in the HVAC has a lot to do with that. Lots of people simply don’t have to go into an office everyday anymore. This influx has provided a bit of an opportunity for us. My wife and I invested in an old building that was once the area’s hub for agricultural business. We did this with the idea of making a sound investment while ultimately giving back to the community. Our consortium is renovating that excellent old building so it can be affordable housing for many. But, the bottom floor would be turned into small retail outlets. Part of that renovation is figuring out the HVAC. Initially, we thought we would have to put in ductwork and go the traditional central air HVAC route. However, we spoke with an HVAC contractor who had a much more cost effective and efficient idea. We want people to be able to pay rent and utilities but still have some money left to live a life. The choice of ductless HVAC helped us meet that mandate. The installation of the ductless units was far quicker and much less expensive. And the ductless units are far more efficient than a ductwork HVAC system. Looks like we are going to get the best of both worlds for this HVAC renovation.


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