If I only had a really nice whole-home air purification system.

Right before this pandemic happened, I had a truly nice heating & air conditioning appliance installed in my dwelling.

It was something that I had needed for a good amount of time. If I hadn’t gotten the raise I acquired, I would not have had the modern Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C appliance, but my bonus easily paid for it. Then, a week later, I was spending all of my time locked inside my dwelling. The only people I saw were the delivery people plus my fiance, who would stand outside and wave at me. I told him that instead of waving at me, maybe we should transport in together. We had both been quarantining in our dwellings. I knew coronavirus had not infected either of us, so he moved into my home with me. Since I owned my home plus he rented, it was just a natural move for the two of us. He was going to transport in after the quarantine ended plus we just pushed the date up a little. I wasn’t actually thinking about how he would need to bring his dog with him. I had never had a pet in my dwelling, plus I wasn’t prepared for the aromas that came with that pet. I didn’t know you had to walk the dog all the time plus the aroma that came with him made me sick. David asked me about the modern Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C appliance plus how it was actually working. I told him I loved the modern system, even though I only wish I had a whole home air purification appliance installed. The air purification appliance certainly could take care of the smells in the dwelling, plus it could also help to keep the virus out.

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