I didn’t like the a/c in the honeymoon hotel

My fiance plus I were looking for a location to have our birthday plus reception, but the people I was with and I looked at a couple of locations, hotels, plus resorts.

One location in particular actually had an attractive reception hall.

The room was sizable enough to fit all of our guests plus I could see all of the decorations. And I was in appreciation of the whole hotel until I saw the accommodations in the honeymoon suite. The location wasn’t really festive or loving. It was dark plus dreary plus the curtains were heavy plus boring. The bed was plain plus there was nothing in the room that screamed newlyweds. I don’t recognize what my fiance plus I was expecting when we saw the room, however we didn’t believe any excitement at all. The worst part about the honeymoon suite was the smell coming from the old heating plus air conditioning system, however my fiance plus I made a comment about the horrible odor plus the supervisor of the hotel told us that the smell was normal. There’s no way my fiance plus I wanted to stay somewhere that considered that horrible smell normal. My fiance plus I found an attractive location to have our reception plus the honeymoon suite had an excellent heating plus air conditioning unit. There was no bad odor coming from the machine. The room was decorated with roses plus hearts plus the bed was shaped like a wine glass. It seemed more like a honeymoon endpoint plus it had a particular look plus believe that my fiance plus I thought it was totally adorable. The people I was with and I will not hastily forget the amazing day when we finally got married.

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