Was he really drinking that much?

I don’t think I had ever come across the situation I had a week ago.

I had called our regular HVAC company to have the outdoor air conditioning unit serviced.

I don’t normally judge people, but I know that some people get into worse states than others. I try to help them out if there is a problem. There wasn’t anything I could do on this day. I had called the HVAC company and asked them to come out and service the air conditioning unit. I was surprised when they told me my regular HVAC technician had arrived. I didn’t question who they were going to send, because I had worked with this HVAC company for quite some time now. Right on time, the HVAC service van pulled up in front of my house, the following day. It took him a bit of time to get out of the van, so I was curious if he was okay. When he came up to the door, I knew there was something amiss. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol. I showed him where the air conditioning unit was. As he carried his tools out back, I called the HVAC company to tell them what was going on. I kept the HVAC technician talking while waiting for the new HVAC tech to arrive. They were sending someone out to drive the van back, along with our tipsy HVAC tech. I looked out back to check on him and he was leaning up against the wall, snoring away. I didn’t have to worry about him screwing up my air conditioner.


HVAC unit

Our gym was loaded with mold.

Being an HVAC technician, you see a lot of disgusting things while on the job.

  • The worst thing I have ever seen was when I was working on the air conditioning unit in our local gym.

My boys played basketball in that gym and I had never realized how dirty the ductwork was. I should have realized how poor the air quality was getting, but a lot of boys and men used the gym and they always smelled when they sweat. When I walked into the gym that afternoon, I almost gagged. The air quality hadn’t improved with lack of use. To be honest, the air quality had gotten even worse. I started looking into the ductwork and I couldn’t believe what I saw there. There was so much mold on the walls that it was practically dripping off the walls of the ductwork. Even with all the scrubbing, I was having a tough time removing the mold and mildew. I realized the mold must have been in there for quite some time. I had to have them close the gym down until I could get someone to remediate the mold from the HVAC system. I opened the air conditioning only to find out that it was also full of mold. I felt guilty that I hadn’t taken the initiative to work on the air conditioning and ductwork, quite some time ago. It had been two years since my son played basketball in this gym. I called and told everyone to pass the word that anyone who had been in the gym in the last years, had to go to the doctors because of exposure to the mold.

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We partied in the backyard.

No matter what happens in life, you always need to look at the bright side.

It doesn’t matter what the catastrophe or disaster, if you look hard enough you can find something to smile about.

Our smile came from my daughter’s eighteenth birthday. We wanted so much to have a birthday party. Due to the coronavirus, everyone was practicing social distancing and parties were banned. I figured that since I was staying home, there were a lot of chores that I had never accomplished, and I was going to do. I knew we were saving money by not going out with the car so much. I was going to have the party. I started to think about how much money we were going to save by having an outdoor party. We had a pool house with a bathroom, so no one had any reason to go in and out of the house. The air conditioning could be turned low, since the AC wouldn’t be going outside every time the door was opened. If people wanted to get out of the sun, we could have umbrellas set up around the yard. We had several patio tables and as long as only two people were at each one, we were following the six foot distance rule. There wasn’t anything we could do to give people air conditioning, but it was cool enough not to worry about AC. I knew our daughter was going to be thrilled to still have a birthday party. Next we’ll have to start planning her graduation party. We may need to think about air conditioning by then, if this social distancing hasn’t been lifted.

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The HVAC technician serviced the wrong air conditioner.

I loved living in the city.

Everything was always changing in the city and the hustle and bustle invigorated me.

My wife had another thought about this. She wanted to purchase a house with a porch and a white picket fence. She wanted to play the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ game. We ended up in a home that looked like every other house in the community. The homeowner’s society dictated what color our home would be painted. We had to abide by their rules of landscaping. Even our HVAC system had to be just like everyone else’s. The first time I came home late at night, I almost walked into someone else’s home. If I’m the homeowner and I got confused, it shouldn’t have surprised me that the HVAC technician serviced the wrong furnace in the wrong home. I had called because I was having a problem with my air quality. I wanted the HVAC company to look at my ductwork and the furnace, to see what the problem was. I had been working with this HVAC company for quite some time, and I trusted them. I was surprised to come home and find that nothing had changed in my air quality. The HVAC tech swore that he had fixed the problem and he even had the paperwork to prove it. I had to laugh when I found out that he had been to the house next door. He had installed our HVAC system, but it looked just like the neighbor’s. I couldn’t say too much except to ask him to return and work on my HVAC system the following day.

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I feel like I am getting sick

Right, now the entire work is in a panic over the coronavirus.

Either people worry about getting the virus, or they worry about dying if they get the virus.

The world is doing its part by isolating themselves from others, but I’m not that kind of person. I can’t sit and worry about what is going to happen next. I wear my mask when I go out, but there is a small circle of friends and family that I want to see. Most important to me, is my fiance. I don’t want to go a couple of months without being with him. Every weekend, I was going to his house. I was noticing that whenever I got home from his house, my nose was stuffy and my throat was scratchy. Once I got back to my house, I was feeling better. I jokingly thought I was having an allergic reaction to him. That’s when I realized there were some allergens in his house. The next time I went over there, I asked him when was the last time the air filters had been changed in his HVAC system. He told me that his landlord took care of the air filters, and he had never touched them. I told him he really needed to call his landlord. After some debate between the two men, my fiance pulled out his lease. It was clearly written that he, the tenant, was responsible for changing the air filter of the HVAC system. As the landlord, he would make sure the HVAC system was serviced and running properly.

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A smart thermostat was the smartest option as a new pet owner

I’m usually very skeptical at first whenever it comes to hyped information or the notion that some new thing is a really big deal, therefore, it deserves your time plus investment.

So when our relaxing friend from back in school was showcasing to me his smart thermostat app, including a bunch of these customizable heating plus cooling settings you can activate remotely, I was impressed, however not fully sold on it being a necessity.

I remember telling him how it serves a convenience plus I can see why people might get one, however I didn’t know adore I needed one to repair any immediate issue. Fast forward through roughly more than two months, I’m the owner of a rescue Akita German Shepherd plus a new home cat. They entirely got along pretty well in spite of our problems. It wasn’t very long before it dawned on myself and others how it was already April with the Summer approaching fast, plus I’m gone for most of the day between work, the gym, plus grocery shopping etc. I don’t care much if the new home is moderate when I get home, however I didn’t want our new pets to have to handle that kind of heat throughout the peak of the day without any kind of relief. Then I figured, I could easily modify the temperature plus utilize the indoor camera to see where they spend more of their time in the house, so I can set the temperatures based on the day’s temperature plus their locations. In less than two weeks, I had the app plus smart thermostat installed. Almost adore a parent, I take more comfort in knowing those I care for are secure and protected over our own well being. The newfound responsibility was a big game changer.

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Making amateur professional repairs with the internet

While I stayed up north for a hot Summer season a few years ago, there were a couple weeks of non stop heat waves accompanied with high indoor humidity I easily wasn’t prepared to handle.

Living down in the south for a while, our central heating plus cooling systems were equipped to handle the long hot summers fairly well, however where I was staying up north relied on one air conditioning unit, which gradually lost more than half of it’s cooling power over the a matter of a few weeks.

The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation I called told myself and others that it would take somewhere between 3-5 corporation afternoons for a repairman to come out just to get a price quote before the repair could be made. Explaining our situation over the iPhone, the appraisal I got was a turn off on it’s own; I figured there’s got to be a better way. First, I went online plus studied up as much how-to information as I could find. After a quick trip to the hardware store, I went on to update the furnace filter plus cleaning off the condenser coils. I was instructed to switch off the furnace breaker, transfer the thermostat mode from cooling to off, plus then adjust the fan switch from auto to on plus allow it to run for about thirty hours or so plus filter out all debris. I provided it forty many hours just to play it safe plus after turning the switches back then resetting the mode, it basically came back to life in a matter of a few hours. To think, I spent under 50 dollars at the hardware store for a job that would have cost entirely over two hundred dollars to hire an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repairman. It paid off to get our hands dirty.

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Climate control wasn’t regularly as convenient as the push of a button

In these times, we have undoubtedly become accustomed to having essential goods all around us that job as easy as a few buttons, such as cellular phones, tv remote controls, the internet, plus of course the everyday new home appliances.

Whether we are microwaving food, doing the laundry, or switching the lights on plus off, it’s properly not a physical strain on our bodies.

So when it comes to a new home comfort for heating plus cooling, every one of us might suppose this is one of the essential commodities that have regularly operated adore this as far as every one of us can remember. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the beginnings of current air conditioning were being put into practice starting with refrigeration based cooling systems. In perspective, it undoubtedly wasn’t until the dawn of the 20th century where the first cooling system was developed for a commercial practice. However, the custom of air conditioning dates back as far as outdated Roman plus even Egpytian times. The ancient Egyptians would hang wet reeds in open windows plus doorways, so anytime a draft of wind came by, it would cool down the room plus allow some moisture to circulate in the air. The Romans took it up a notch by running some cool water through indoor pipes kneeling inside the walls, usually villas, reducing the temperatures when moderate air would settle in. This model is not far from the correct boiler system that induces water insulated in the running tubes, however instead the vice versa application. We have come so far in current times addressing our heating plus cooling needs, however it wasn’t so easy in the past. In outdated times, you had to be the professional or at least accompanied with one, in order to be the consumer as a default.


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Eco-friendly Heating, Ventilation plus A/CS systems are a fast growing movement

When you log onto social media or even chat with enough people about new events, it wouldn’t take undoubtedly long before someone brought up the inevitable prospect of climate change, also known as global warming.

  • In light of a world where fossil fuels are thinning, air pollution is rapidly collecting, plus record heat waves happen around the world; this epidemic is growing in volume.

To a point where every one of us — both as individuals plus communities have to reconfigure ways of living that can lessen the global impact. So when it comes to heating or cooling our homes plus infractures, every one of us should beginning considering more energy efficient alternatives, but for instance, the traditional heat pump pulls from outside air, converting it through a series of built-in valves,set to your moderate or cool preferences. However, a geothermal heat pump can entirely extract heat from the ground plus distribute it through the home. Even air conditioning units could be completely solar powered by rooftop panels instead of electricity that the majority of these household appliances operate on! Radiant floor heating has garnered attention in this department due to the fact that heat is drawn from running hot-water tubes or electric wiring in the floor. It does have a steep price tag, however easily defining energy plus cost efficiency over time makes it one of the very best alternative heating sources on the market. It’s not practical to guess every one of us can cease what we’re doing to save the world from air polluting carbon emissions on a whim, but every one of us can begin with our own homes , our own backyards which is the beginning of an incentivized global impact.



A/Cs are here to compensate for unequal climates

I’ve been so blessed to have traveled quite considerably around the US in our 20s, experiencing regions of the northwest, the far north, the midwest plus some cities trickled in between those regions. I’ve come to care about sites that don’t exist in other parts of the country, from lovely mountainous landscapes to tropical rainforests, plus even deserts of dry land plus snow. It’s strenuous to slender down to a number one when it comes to preference, however overall, I tend to lean more heavily towards geographical regions that have a moderate balance of the passing seasons. In that, I guess you can experience an satisfactory amount of each seasonal temps, looking forward to the next just a couple months away every quarter. I guess some regions don’t have those luxuries plus are formally used to enduring extremes of moderate plus frigid weather in their peak times through the year. I don’t guess there’s objectively a perfect temperature for satisfactory living, considering most people get their own temperature preferences, however having the correct Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems for your location makes it all the more bearable. In a day and age where technology has advanced so rapidly, people can live in locations that long ago wouldn’t be at all suitable for human beings for a long period of time. Having thicker or thinner blood will establish how that temperature will resonate with that individual’s comfort level. Typically, central heating plus cooling have heat pumps that were built in design to adapt to a multitude of environments. However, that may not be necessary if your current living geography calls for a lot more indoor cooling than heating rapidly decreasing temperatures monthly, or the other way around.



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