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The HVAC industry is booming at this moment

A lot of Industries have taken a hit since the coronavirus closed everything down. Restaurants, hotels, brocers, and bars are all suffering the effects of lost customers and sales. The HVAC industry is actually booming at this moment. I own a small HVAC business in the metropolitan area. We are usually busy during this time […]

I’m not looking forward to the grocery store

The grocery store is always packed with people. It doesn’t matter what time of day I go, because the store is always extremely busy. Even at 10 at night, there is still a line of people at each register. I’ve always hated going to the store with a list of items. Now that I have […]

My best friend and I always do something fun

My best friend and I have known each other for a very long time. We met in elementary school and we even attended the same High School. My best friend and I always do something fun in the summer. Ever since we got our driver’s license, we have been going on fun road trips. We […]

An attempt to make my wife feel better

I am actually very lucky that I have a job working from home during this pandemic. Unfortunately, my wife had to lose her job temporarily because it wasn’t considered essential by the government. She isn’t sure if they are going to ever be back in business, especially since the reopening of our state has been […]

My acquaintance had to evict a renter

I don’t suppose I have the fortitude that it takes to be a full time landlord. One of my best friends inherited a small chunk of cash from his Grandpa’s estate and decided to turn it over into rental properties. He had no experience and wasn’t a trained handyman prefer many of the fulltime landlords […]