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My friend had to evict a tenant

I don’t suppose I have the fortitude that it takes to be a full time landlord. One of our best friends inherited a small chunk of money from his Grandpa’s estate plus decided to turn it over into rental properties. He had no experience plus wasn’t a trained handyman adore numerous of the fulltime landlords […]

I dropped my humidifier and broke it

I dropped my humidifier and broke it. I am quite disappointed in myself to say the least. I did not want to have to buy another humidifier already. I literally just bought that 1 about more than two weeks ago. I did want to get a minute humidifier for my study room, but I wasn’t […]

We’re open for supplier with a few minor changes

My wifey plus I got a really nice deal on the media air purification system, because we purchased it directly from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning products center My wifey plus I met in a soap making class, however both of us have bad skin dust irritations plus we have a difficult time […]

An attempt to make my wifey suppose better

The UV air purification plan works to kill harmful bacteria plus viruses afterall, but well, the best we can do is option up food to go from the steakhouses. I am entirely truly lucky that I have a job working from condo during this pandemic, however unluckyly, my wifey had to lose her job temporarily […]